Friday, November 7, 2008


Am not a winner
Not yet a loser
Still a finder
In possessing a great treasure.

When I say treasure
It is something that I adore
Something that people are looking for
and something that makes you and me together.

However, no one's perfect
Coz nobody gets what they expect
And lots of things can make us regret
As they lie beyond our prospect.

But hey!
Don't look back in anger
And be a loser
Coz all these things will make us stronger
Or even better.

And one fine day
We gonna have the power
To seize the day
To wipe the pain
And embrace the precious treasure.


mr.ruhi said...

bila nk update blog ni!!!!

RinG said...

keep that treasure, fetch another, you're a winner, perfect!


turtlegal said...

i feel like sinking...

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