Saturday, December 11, 2010

World of Fools

Comparing now and fifteen years back, the distinction is clear.
Looking at how people change from one year to another is absolutely scary.
Risking life for a better opportunity is adventurous yet leads to devastation.
Above all, we are the actors.

Yes, we're living in the world of fools. You are an actor and so do me. We have our special roles so that world would not be safe and sound. But, do we really play our role? Question to ponder, question to wonder and question yourself about it.

Here, I'm not complaining but I'm expressing things that I don't feel easy to express. The 2010 people are becoming more selfish. They don't really care others' feelings, they ignore what's right and wrong and neglect the nature of conduct. I don't mind if you're having fun, but do others feel the same? Even if it does not state in AL Quran 'what goes around comes around' our God is very fair. Whomever laugh out loud over others' depression, the consequences await at the corner of the road. We just do not know where and when we are going to slip. Thus, be sure that your good deeds pay you with a huge rewards. No matter how pious you are, if you have the heart problem ( i mean, jealousy) , you will never go anywhere. You will stick to the place you're standing until you realize the footsteps that have left behind.

When talking about possession, obssession and frustration will come along. I can see how girls nowadays are very daring. Daring to show them off. Why? Where's the culture of 'Perempuan Sopan' ? Where's the culture of 'Timba cari perigi' ? Sometimes, I try to think why some ladies tend to show their weaknesses when in fact they have trillion other good things to show off. Sometimes, being too desperate is unhealthy ; making you feel more sick and others who read / witness it vomit. I may be too offensive but looking at weird things done by good ladies is not something to be easily accepted.

Again, we are the actors, living in a world of fools. If there's no such type of people, the world will become dull and mundane. True, sometimes, this kind of people really makes someone's day brighter or vice versa. Without feeling sad, happy, or frustrated, we will miss one the greatest feelings in life.

Thus, just play your role as the way you're assigned to. Cheers <3

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