Saturday, November 28, 2009


Why is it hard for me to have someone that really understands me?
Why is it hard for me to make someone believe that I'm a truthful person?
Why is it hard for me to have an eternal happiness?
Why is it hard for me to make myself a reliable person on Earth?

Why why why?
Is it because the way I treat people?
Is it because the way I expect people to treat me?
Is it because the way I think?
Or is it because the way I express my attitude?

Tell me all the Whys if you have the answer...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stepping on the next step

It's been a while I haven't posted anything in my blog. I've been super duper busy lately and I did not have the chance to click on my blog. Poor me and surprisingly, Facebook has taken its place. OMG! I'm addicted to games in Facebook. Let me name them ; Restaurant City & Cafe World. Somehow or rather, I think that those games do give benefit to me. (eheh) Though the games are time consuming but they teach me on how to be punctual and appreciate every minutes that I have. If you don't believe me, try them out! =)

If you're the true readers of my blog, previously I prefer to post poems because I don't think people would in favour of reading my daily life events. And I myself do not really like to tell every pieces of me to the universe. They have more other important things to do rather than reading my words. Well, I understand that. People have their own rights. Since now I'm so available and I think, I'm going to shift the way I deliver what I feel, so, feel free to read my updates! Winks ;)

Firstly, I would like to highlight this phrase which I think it is very meaningful.
"Kesakitan menampar dada, kesunyian merobek hati"

I heard that in radio. (Specifically, on my way back to Kb, from Bangi. Since I've got nothing to do in car, I had to listen every words that DJ said ;p ) All I could say, the phrase is wonderful. The words suit the feelings of a loser ( eh, not a loser, how should I put it more appropriate, erm, the one that is suffering from sadness. okay, that's better I guess) A few minutes later, it made me wonder and curious about how others react to circumstances in life? For Muslims, of course praying hard to Allah. But is there any other alternative that they do to cure the sadness? And how they channel their feelings? Or they rarely put themselves in a situation of sadness? Or they don't even know that they are in sadness? Hoho~

I opened the window,
I saw a green jungle,
The wind blew my hair,
The mist dropped on my cheek,
The sound of chirping birds touches my ear.
It was a wonderful feeling
but it would be greater if I had someone to share the same moment with.

p/s ; merepek mode!

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