Monday, October 27, 2008

A Tough Fullstop

It was a day full of fury,
It was a night full of darkness,
It was the time with little hope;
To start moving on, to end at the long road.

Hey! What's with that quote? It's vague! It's senseless. It's such a crap! But, readers, it's MINE!!! No one cares but I care! Ehemm..(Rejuvenated)

Life's getting harder when you start losing your very precious belonging. You know that you gonna lose it, but you act like nothing's going to happen. Everything's in your hands. You're wrong and I'm wrong too. So whats next? Just watch it's being swept by the wind? Kick by an old folk? Huh..Happy? Sad? Frustrated? There's no need to feel that way because a big girl doesn't cry. (Hailing a sword to the air)

Readers. I'm not the type who is good in making decision. I seldomly change my plan, change my idea but rarely change my attitude since I love myself. Hoho.. It would be harder for me to make a decision that involves many people. But, once I've pushed the 'start' button, I won't shut it off. I will just go with the flow. Unfortunately, certain people don't understand me. They think I'm selfish, I'm rude, I'm arrogant.. Am I? Is it hard for you to accept what I've decided?

I'm not talking rubbish here but truly I'm feeling comfortable expressing things that I know, and you people, do not know. Heh, sorry. Let it stay vague and more vague. I feel satisfied. I feel happy but somehow I feel sorry to the people who feel sad or frustrated or even mad due to my decision. I crave for new air, new colours, new rhythm. But why these people won't give me the chance? Why am I still stucked under your rules?

I've never asked much before and I rarely demand things. Still, I think I need something else. I need rooms and spaces so that I can find a "filler" that can fit the place and be happy with me. Either it is long lasting or not, let the future tells. All I want now is your understanding towards the decision that I've made. I'm not evil but I've gone through your 'devilness' a lot. I guess it's more than enough and I should put it to a fullstop.

(Sigh) I know it's imposibble for you to read my crappy thingy but at least, I've reduced my burden - telling things that you would never want to understand, repeating the same things that you would never want to hear.. Who are you heh?

Well readers, please don't regret reading my blurry essay ;p thanks!

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