Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Initial

Oh I remember,
The first day I saw you,
The first day we went out,
The first day I smiled at you,
The first day we laughed together.

Oh I remember,
The first poem that you made for me,
The first song that you sent to me,
The first picture that you dedicated to me;
and the first promise that you made.

Do you remember what I remember?
That we wanted to climb the ladder together.
That we wanted to trust each other.
That we wanted to make us feel better.

Oh I remember,
The way you looked at me,
The way you made me happy,
The way you gazed into my eyes,
The way you made me felt alive.

Oh I remember,
Those wonderful days,
Those extravagant nights,
Those marvelous activities;
and the endless excitement that we both longed for.

Oh I remember,
that I said thank you,
and you replied "I will stay true for you".

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