Saturday, November 8, 2008

Red tints in her heart.

Tell me if I'm wrong
Tell me if I misbehave
Tell me if I'm a bit sensitive
But don't tell me that you never wrong.

I care about u
You care about me
We do things like all people do
We jump like monkeys
We love the berries
and more
We love those memories.

I need you
Yes I do
But I can't be with you
No matter how hard we both have been through.

Your winks, laughs and smiles
I know that you want me too
Cos you love me more than your tattoo
and my heart will definitely belong to you
and only you.

Things have changed
When the wind shifts its way
When the cloud turns to grey
When the rain kisses the cap
When the tears fall on the lap.


el_rippero said...

waaaaaaaa.....nk jerit sero baco puisi seri..
meme puitis aaa...

sabar ye cip...

turtlegal said...

aiyok..kipas-kah? huhu....

el_rippero said...

x..mmg puitis..sedis kaklos membacanya..mengisahkan ttg kamu kan..

turtlegal said...

yak! jange bilang gitu encik...
related to no one.. wahwah

el_rippero said...

hehe..owh ye ke..hahah
nevamind..wat dunno je lass...lalalala~

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

yes yes. memang puitis. boleh tulis lagu seri ni ;)

turtlegal said...

kak shiro ni....(blushing***)

Iris said...

sometimes kte perlu lepaskn pe kte syg utk kebaikn sume..

turtlegal said...

sometimes to certain ppl..but, its happening to me most of the time...

Anonymous said... ni??!


Iris said...

for me..
it's like a routine in my life to leave someone because we love them...

jebon embon said...

loving someone doesnt mean you have to be with dat person..
happens lots of time..yet the feeling still hurts as in the first time...
*xtau mengarut ape tapi bohsan~


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