Sunday, December 20, 2009

Perfectly Imperfect !

the more i try,
the more i cry.

the more i avoid,
the more i hurt.

the more i say,
the more i stay away.

the more or the less
is never the thing that i care less..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh my.

Have u ever experienced a situation whereby u really wanted to talk, but you lost your words?
Have u ever experienced a situation in which u hardly acquired another party's response?
Have u ever experienced a situation that made your heart beat fast because you could not say what u wanted to say?

Oh yes, u will lose interest when the person you're talking to is losing interest towards your subject. Oh why? Why is this happening? Why should you be treated like this? Are you becoming such a boring, unwanted, annoying alien on Earth? What have u done wrong?

I used to believe in eternity. Sadly, people around me have not proved me that eternity exists. Their actions, words and expressions really show that nothing lasts forever. Kindness will turn into evilness. Sweetness will slowly become bitterness. Happiness will shift to sadness and loneliness. In the end, it will be a life of nothingness. That is the fact of life that we should accept. That is the fact of life that we should let others know. That is the fact of life that hurts the most.

The word 'forever' seems so far to me. I do not know why. Maybe you made me feel that way. Maybe you're the one that does not want me to believe in it. Or maybe you're afraid of 'forever'. Something bad has penetrated my mind and my soul. It corrupts the way I view life. It makes me see things differently. It makes me wonder of things that I should and should not do. But i really want to believe in 'forever' *Very long sigh*

Oh my. I want you to believe that there is eternity, there is forever and there is long lasting. Three different words but carry the same meaning. One meaning that makes you change your perception. Fortunately, the perception that is going to get born will light your way. All you need is, have a strong belief in eternity. All you need is effort, to make what you believe to become believable.

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