Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Initial

Oh I remember,
The first day I saw you,
The first day we went out,
The first day I smiled at you,
The first day we laughed together.

Oh I remember,
The first poem that you made for me,
The first song that you sent to me,
The first picture that you dedicated to me;
and the first promise that you made.

Do you remember what I remember?
That we wanted to climb the ladder together.
That we wanted to trust each other.
That we wanted to make us feel better.

Oh I remember,
The way you looked at me,
The way you made me happy,
The way you gazed into my eyes,
The way you made me felt alive.

Oh I remember,
Those wonderful days,
Those extravagant nights,
Those marvelous activities;
and the endless excitement that we both longed for.

Oh I remember,
that I said thank you,
and you replied "I will stay true for you".


Alexi said...

muahahhaa...adakah itu lyric lagu yg dipaw..mihahahahha

mr.ruhi said...

eh dop pik...
x mungkin...
sek2 tesl ni..
terer b.i nim..hahaha
ko gano yie?

Alexi said...

muhahaha...kadey2 terorr2 pn...sek2 dio tend to ciplak2 niee...bukey leh cayo..ko guano??hahahaha

Iris said...


turtlegal said...

amboi2....xdop ciplak2.....
pnt palo mikir tawuuuuu~
this space is not for ciplak2 nehhh~ wakaf che yeh byk~ hohoho

mr.ruhi said...

kto cayo ko yie..
idup seri!!! idup afiq...oppsssiiee!!!


d_ya said...

seri...lme x update blog...

p/s:tade kene emgena ng entri lgsg. ;p

turtlegal said...

to ruhi : eh3 twinkle bally nih,,byk kecek!!! koya acc kna hack...wack!!!

dyia : bizi sket awk..lgpon xdop ilham..hehe

mr.ruhi said...


mineral oil said...

i like ur poem!:)

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