Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Believe what is true.

I am now starting to believe this : "There are many who want to know, but only few who understand." Indeed, it's served me as an eye opener in which we can't always trust others more than ourself. It is somehow true when it comes to any relationship, be it family or friends. Sometimes, when we think telling everything will iron out the crumples, it actually does not. Even if that happens once in a lifetime. I bet it's not easy to explain what we have in our shoes and how do people see from their own views. Frankly, I get really exhausted and tired at times, knowing that everything that I do to make things right, everything that I do to clear the mess, seems unappreciated and unrecognized. It makes me feel helpless. It's a very tough condition to convince people who always have that negativity in their minds. I know that time will be the witness to everything but how long shall I wait? Even a flame will always keep burning if there's plenty of oil splashed on it.  

A fella once told me : "Don't worry, everything will go back normally, it's just a matter of time and patience. I've experienced this before." I know this fella has been a real help to me, but the untold feeling is bringing me down to the mental of the earth. I am a normal human being after all, and I don't expect and would have never thought that I would be at this state. I guess, I need to leave it to the Almighty and never stop praying. I always pray that He softens my heart as well as those hearts and make things easy for all of us. In fact, with all the hurdles I've been through, I know ALLAH chooses me because He knows I'm capable of handling the issue.


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