Thursday, August 26, 2010

ignorance is a bliss. is it?

hurm. when i start reaching the age of 22, i've started to realize that everything can be a bliss. 100% attention, over caring, less sensitive, ignorance, they lead to a blissful life. for certain people, they feel the meaning of life by being sensitive towards others but some may say that IGNORANCE is a bliss. Less care leads to major excitement. (oh yeah? sometimes, i guess ;p)

sometimes, we as normal human beings, couldn't demand things beyond our will. sometimes, things should be left unsaid and that is when ignorance becomes a very useful tool in order to enjoy a good life. when people treat us that way, that is when we should pull the cart back to them. it is not revenge, but it can be called as a 'life lesson' because humans are usually forgetful. hence, they should be reminded more often.

in fact, not all people are fair. sometimes, they think what they've done is right but when it comes to our part, they will say it's wrong, unethical, stupid, selfish n blah blah blah~ and once again, ignorance is a bliss. we can never please people all the time. prior of all, if other people do not know how to treat us, then why should we struggle learning on how to treat them in a correct manner. life's like a wheel. so, everyone will experience ups and downs. if they can make us feel like a pinky finger being slashed by a razor blade, so why cant we transfer a lil bit of it to them? we are just synchronizing the feeling.... hohoho >:)

what ever it is, try not to upset others by being such an ignorant jerk. you will never know whats waiting for you there. because, once uve made others hurt, u'll be 'blessed' with 100 times pain and suffers. so, think for your own good peeps because a normal homosapien cannot act like an angel all the time :)


RinG said...

for me, it's better to stay ignorance bcoz it helps in certain ways. yea, it is a bliss. not knowing is the best medication

turtlegal said...

yep yep! i think i shud hv d same thought :)

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