Friday, March 7, 2008


New image, new post, new HOPE :D

Remember Your Debts.

Mistakes happen. But, do people change due to the mistakes they have done? I'll let you answer :D

We do things because we want to get the "rewards" That's a normal mentality of a normal human being. However, it hurts when someone takes advantage on you. You are not dumb but you are being too nice to that someone and eventually you will realize that someone has cracked your egg. When the egg cracks, it disseminates a very bad smell and I bet no one will stand near to that egg. And now, to whom are you going to blame? That someone or yourself.?

Basically, not all things happen beyond our expectation. We have the ability to predict what's next but sometimes we just don't care and we take things for granted. In this context,regret has no value.From the very beginning,we should know what's right and what's wrong. Nevertheless, no one is perfect as everyone makes mistake.

Human love challenges and I do! Sometimes, they are willing to risk their own self without considering the consequences that they will be facing. And here will rise another problem which you, yourself, wonder how the problem could occur. You regret but you keep on repeating the mistakes and your debts are getting increased. Are you able to pay all those debts? Or would you just ignore the debts? Remember, debts bring no good to your life. The more you have, the more suffer you will be.

So, don't only think what's good for you, but please be alert with your surroundings too.

p/s: am i talking crap? idk.

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